Fun Lunch & Learn

Allow us to treat your employees to a healthy and nutritious lunch!

Have one of our healthcare professional keynote speakers deliver lunch for the entire staff and give a fun presentation......

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Employee Appreciation Day

Sure you pay them for their work, but the truth is that many employees do more for your business than their job description requires.

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Health Screenings/Fairs

Organize a health fair providing your company with a variety of health and wellness screenings

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Stress Relieving Massage Therapy

Relieve your company and its employees from all the work related stress with one of our stress relieving massages.

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About Us

Social Wellness Talks is an event coordinating company that provides free health & wellness incentives to companies as part of a Nationwide Health & Awareness Campaign. Through a variety of formats we strive to assist our communities in achieving optimal health starting in the workplace.

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Luncheon presentations, employee appreciation days, health screenings, and health fairs all at no cost to your company!

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For free information or to sign up call us toll free at 1(800)380-9855 or email

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